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A limited space transformed into a Four-star Hotel, draped in Sophistication and Grandeur.

  • Modern Boutique Hotel
  • One of a Kind Service
  • Quality in the Detail




Phnom Penh




Construction Complete

Project Conception

With Cambodia seeing a surge in construction of sleek, modern and contemporary styled buildings, a Singaporean company aimed to find their niche in Cambodia’s market. The hotel project was to be their flagship, marketing an ambitious entry to Phnom Penh’s hospitality industry. 

Aiming for ‘head turning’, modern building design would mix with stylish and sophisticated interior space to create a professional mix of business and leisure for the contemporary traveler. 

Lumier Room Fit Out

Business Concept

Adopting a holistic approach to hotel stays, the branding would focus on soul, scent, body, and touch. To stand out from the crowd, the hotel would become a signature property with high specifications to become the new benchmark for quality design in the country. Ultimately, stylish and tasteful traveller preferences would flock to a hotel that harmonized great design gracefully with outstanding hospitality service. 


On the corner of streets 55 and 228, this prime location at the heart of Phnom Penh offers smaller available space at a higher land rent due to it’s desirable short distance to the Independence Monument. As such, the project would have to use the entirety of the space in an efficient manner, with the design complementing functionality. Value for space was at the core of the design, ensuring longevity for the project.

Architectural Design Concept

Lumiere’s exterior façade and structure embodies a thematic Mondrian-esque window detailing, as horizontal and vertical lines cascade and zigzag throughout the design as a homage to Cambodia’s Independence Monument. The initial design tackles the traditional building concepts whilst bringing new, contemporary approaches to the project. The concept of movement, inspired by the bustling traffic surrounding the site, is represented through the overall fluid design.

Each room is special, with unique angles and points of view gained from the shifts and rotations throughout the building’s form. Corridors also shift and angle in mimicry to the exterior design and angular room entrances; the shifting floor pattern uses different materials to emphasize the angles. 

Ultimately, the sleek interior and exterior design create an artistic usage of the space, created to inspire guests and passersby.

Space Design

To reflect the high-end taste of our international client, and their vision for a bold, gentlemanly theme throughout the project, the overall interior design therefore had a very intimate and refined harmony of design and quality.

Efficient business space, draped in high degrees of design finesse allows functionality to be beautiful. The interior of the lobby gives an instant sense of grandeur with impressive high ceilings, glistening hanging lamps, Italian marble, sleek dark tones, stylish furniture, and delicate materials throughout.  The specifications of every feature had to be considered meticulously to ensure Lumiere would be more than just a hotel, and allow the modern boutique vision to breathe throughout every detail.

Project Highlights

Turning a 3-star space into a 4-star property, Lumiere twists and turns through innovative structural design to increase the usability of the square footage whilst turning heads. 

Exciting Challenges

  • Certain space and facilities requirements were essential to meriting a 4-star hotel classification. Working within a constrained space, Lumiere’s build would need to creatively combine time, space, and light, to surpass expectations.
  • Creating a luxurious lobby with a grand entrance posed a challenge when situated on a small land space, on a street corner. 
  • Surrounded by traditional buildings, the project would take risks as it challenges conventionality with unique design. 
  • Whilst retail spaces were to be maximized, the challenge of finding effective methods to add green spaces to the land would prove to require high level thinking and solutions.
  • Getting an ambitious design actualized through clever building could prove to be a highly vulnerable process poised with potential risks

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