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Re-introducing the Residential Essence of the BKK 1 Neighborhood

The exterior design renovation brings back the residential essence of the Beoung Keng Kang 1 (BKK1) area. We re-introduce the traditional roof overhang and canopy that were seen in houses prior to the commercialization of the area over the past decade. Inspired by lush foliage and tropical nature, interior flooring is formed by natural stones to create an urban sanctuary for escaping from the busy urban streets.




Phnom Penh




Under Construction

The traditional roof is now outlined by structural lines that form screens and plains at two distinctive layer, defined by the two existing floors. These lines and screens offset to signify the entrance of the restaurant and the wine shop as well as act as a sunscreen, forming an interesting shadow onto the façade, flooring and interior spaces.

Curated stone tiles and tropical garden will greet passerby and customers alike. The contemporary-classic iron motif will represent the element of classic luxury, together with the customized metal and glass canopy that extend out from the existing structure.

The interior design elements are dominated by wooden shelves, drawers and cabinets, together with contemporary furniture and accent lighting to create an interior space that is playful yet luxurious and exclusive.

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We strive to design timeless and iconic spaces that people live and love in; spaces that will represent our culture and values to the future.