Re : Team

No. 01

Through architecture, design, and building up our physical and social environment, we proudly grow in parallel with the vision of the country.

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No. 02

Hun Chansan

Principal Architect

Chan Dara

3D Team Leader

Cheng Sivlang

Office Manager

Khat Sreynech

HRD & Administration Executive

Mey Rath

Senior Architect

Thai Dina

Architectural Designer

Ly Nittavann

Marketing Executive

Vuth Malin


Lay Sakda

Technical Architect

Yan Sokneang

General Admin

Huot Vonglihak

Junior Architect

Nget Saron

IT Manager

Re : Careers

“Our approach is fostered from deep understanding and care from our design principles. We’re inspired as a team, and seek like-minded individuals.”