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Another Milestone: Publication of Damnak Soriya House on ArchDaily

As one of the most insightful as well as one of the most influential, global publication houses, we are excited to have reached another milestone that has always been on our wish list which is to get the honor of being published by ArchDaily

"Home to a melting pot of cultures and communities, Kampot is widely known as a small-town retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation.

In the past few years, that has changed with the development of new hotels and highrises dotted along the Kampot River. However, what is still missing is a home-away-from-home concept that caters to those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of Phnom Penh yet feel settled and secure in their own space.

Amaya aims to create homes that sit harmoniously within the surrounding environment, to encourage well-being, and to foster a sense of belonging."                     - Mr. Hun Chansan - Principal Architect

With spacious living areas, an outdoor kitchen, dining area, elevated pool, courtyard, and three large bedrooms, Soriya is designed to be porous taking in and filtering the sunlight while allowing natural ventilation to sweep under the platform and across all spaces from living spaces to bedrooms and to bathrooms. Thus, retaining core elements of a traditional Cambodian lifestyle whilst serving modern aspirations.


Damnak Soriya is a three-bedroom and two-story, platform house-inspired home located on the foothill of Kamchay Mountain and is a provincial, raised wooden structure on stilts seen in Kampot and along the river. The mission of the design is to create purposefully designed holiday homes that inspire people to reconnect with their best selves and fully submerge with nature and the beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.

Being one of the three types of homes designed as a private holiday home inside Amaya, Damnak Soriya offers contemporary, mid-century-inspired, holiday home living in the foothills of the Kamchay Mountains. Each home has been architecturally designed with nature and sustainability in mind and has been strategically positioned to take in views of the mountains and beyond.

While aesthetically mesmerizing, the two-story pavilion or platform house is also generous in proportion, it embraces the advantages of living in a contemporary Khmer house, focusing equally on sustainability, culture and communal values.

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