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In contribution to the architecture community, our principal architect - Hun Chansan were pleased to be invited as one of the judge panels as Sustainable Building Incubator.

We were pleasantly delighted to be a part of the Pitch Night on Sustainable Building Incubator at Impact Hub. As part of the architecture community, we were able to contribute as sponsorship to support as well as provide as a cash prize to the winner of the competition, in encouragement of their more-to-come changes in the community.

Rather than just a competition, it was more of a gathering, packed with innovative​ ideas and solutions. We were presented many ways to use the utility available in a more green and sustainable manner - repurpose, upcycle, recycle the resources for generations to come. Awin-win resolution to minimize waste in order to help build a greener community.

Such a memorable night it was to have spent with such incredible, young individuals who look forward to and already making immense impact on the environment as well as the community as a whole.

Winner of The Sustainable Building Incubator receiving their prize

Aquabuild - The Winner of the Pitch Night presenting their innovative solution to use water hyacinths through the processes of drying, so then be extracted for its fiber to then be mixed with other hardening substances that have been used in the construction field. The result? we would have lightweight, affordable and eco-friendly water hyacinth boards.

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