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Damnak Soriya House nominated for The 2024 ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards

As ArchDaily embarks on its journey once again, we were pleased to have Damnak Soriya House be nominated in The 2024 ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards in honoring the diversity, creativity, and ingenuity showcased by architects and designers across the globe.

"With latest edition of the ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards, celebrating over 15 years of architectural excellence and innovation award has evolved into the pinnacle of democratic recognition within the architectural community, with an unprecedented participation of over 4,000 projects annually. Powered by the collective voice of our passionate readers worldwide, ArchDaily’s annual award stands as a beacon of impartiality, showcasing the most outstanding projects that shape our built environment." - ArchDaily

"We care about nature and the physical environment of our spaces. We always link the indoor living environment to the outdoors by bringing nature in wherever possible and creating comfortable living spaces outside. This idea is actually very simple, since Cambodians have a long tradition of gathering outdoors. The lives of people in a society are constantly evolving. They update their lifestyle according to technology, time, and their own needs. Every art is also evolving. As we know, architecture is part of art, culture, civilization, history, and innovation. And all of these reflect the overall development of society as well as the stability of a country, which is closely related to peace, policy, human resources, economy and modernization.”     - Mr. Hun Chansan - Founder & Principal Architect.

Dozens of high-rise buildings allow owners to enjoy a beautiful city view, enormous shopping malls reflect economic trends, and luxury housing offers modern amenities. All these architectural structures clearly reflect the progress of Cambodia in 2023. Urbanisation brings a variety of architectural styles to the city, especially aesthetic designs, many of which reflect foreign influences. The high standard of living of consumers requires architects to be more innovative and highly creative to keep up with requirements. However, modern Khmer architecture, which originated from the Sangkum Reastr Niyum era, has not been forgotten. Many constructions continue to retain their Khmer character by incorporating Khmer art or heritage into modern design. Most of those architectures can be easily found in cities and tourist destinations.

Chansan Hun’s view on this is: “Culture and heritage have always influenced art, and so does everything around us. Every place inherits artistic value from the past and passes it to the future. So, wherever we go to do a project, we have to respect the art of that place.” He also adds, “But we should not be confused that a new thing must be the same as the old one. We have to take new discoveries from the past and create something new for the future. It should not be taken as a precedent; it’s not creative at all. For me, I value creativity. When classic is combined with modern, it becomes abstract, which is a new concept, not entirely the same as the original. It’s an inspiration, not a copy. But we still respect and value what is left from the past.”

These resulted in Amaya’s residences being designed in perfect integration with the unique natural environment, with a seamless indoor-outdoor flow that captures the breeze, the light, and the breathtaking views. From the sanctuary of the 1-bedroom to the flexibility of the 2-bedroom, to generosity of the 3-bedroom, each style of residence strikes an artful balance between private sophistication and relaxed communal living.

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