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Design is built upon innovation and collaboration. To actualize these dreams, we implement meticulous design process structure and diligence to curate our thought process.

Throughout our journey, we have learned and evolved to create a design process that helps our clients and our designers reach their common visions.

Sensitivity to Culture and Context

The surrounding context is a driven factor and a source of inspiration during design research and finding process. From traffic circulation, to urban park, to solar orientation, materials and colors as well as textures are considerable factors in how we propose the future buildings and structures. We search for historical story, cultural identity or neighborhood's identity in hope of realizing something special and unique to the project.

Most often, a project comes with a design brief, programmatic and functional requirements. We, as the architects, add values and visions to those ideas by drawing inspirations that are human-centered design principles and with meanings.

The design process provides frameworks for a cohesive storytelling.

Conceptual Design

Once the design process has been kickstarted, we begin preparing the masterplan zoning and design strategies for the site and the project as a whole. This will include architect's concept statement, 2D site plan and floor plans, design diagrams, environmental features, design and material mood boards, landscaping elements, building elevations, building sections, 3D visualizations, and a building area summary.  

This takes the ideas from conception, through ideation, to some tangible plans and visually comprehensive design documents; Allowing clients to see their project begin to come to life.

We present our work in a storytelling format, to work through our thinking and explain our visions clearly. We discuss any necessary adjustments or refinements, to finalize the design.

Design Development

The design development stage involves developing and selecting the necessary materials, colors, textures, and even sourcing relevant quality suppliers. We are able to dive into more technical design details to key architectural and interior design spaces of the buildings and its immediate surroundings such as entrances and exterior façade.

We also focus on schematic design drawing, construction permit drawing, creating a bills of quantities and material list booklets, and all required tender documents. We then support clients with tender process, to help shortlist the best contractor for the project; Whereby we’ll aid in building a strong partnership for the client to move forward with the build of their design. We can act in as supervisory capacity during the construction period, to ensure harmony from design and the build—in regards to materials used, quality, and following the design succinctly.

Construction Document and Bidding Process

Once the design refinement and specifications of design features are complete, tender documentation scope begins to prepare for the actual construction of the design as well as to determine the right contractors and subcontractors for the project.

This stage consists of tender clarification, tender review, shop drawing review and tender summary.

Construction Contract Administration

Once the main contractor has been appointed, the construction administration phase begins in which we will visit the site at intervals appropriate to the stage of construction in order to observe the progress and quality of the work completed by the contractor. The scope will also involve keeping the client inform about the progress of the work and advise the client about observed deficiencies in the work. Other tasks include submittal and shop drawing reviews and processing, material finish and color selection. During the construction process we will assist the answering to questions that arise during the construction, coordination of meetings, change order processing, and review of contractor punch lists.

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We strive to design timeless and iconic spaces that people live and love in; spaces that will represent our culture and values to the future.