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Our holistic approach puts humans at the centre of design. Therefore, it is equally important that our hiring process is thoughtfully geared towards thoughtful human development.

We believe a strong brand would need a strong team behind it. Trends in modern business culture increasingly highlight the advantages of transparency and sincerity, which stems from brands showcasing their honest values matching their actions. The influencer ‘boom’ in marketing taught a valuable lesson that consumers find greater relatability through genuine human communication, leading to many brands actively empowering the individuals that drive them forward; Simply put, our teams make up our voice.

A typical hiring process is usually begun with an open availability of a certain position within the organization structure that would compliment the start or/and completion of a certain task or project. As each project is typically start and complete with a teamwork structure and collaboration. At re : edge, we value each person's ideas as parts of the contribution to the success of the overall idea and project.

A typical screening process go beyond just having a CV and work portfolio. We read through everything that is sent to us, good CV and portfolio are smartly done in such a way that is clean, simple and inviting to read through. What we look for in job applications is a "less is more" approach - a summary of history and selected work portfolio is enough. We don't want to see everything of average but we want to read a just few excellent ideas and works. Another important requirement for us to consider an applicant is a passionate cover letter. Good cover letter is specifically addressing your objectives, visions, missions and goals in architecture as well as your future contribution to the organization.

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We strive to design timeless and iconic spaces that people live and love in; spaces that will represent our culture and values to the future.