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Behind every great space, is a team of empowered thinkers able to collaborate and inspire together. Team harmony is strengthened by Human Resource Development.

Human Relation Development, or HRD, is a key department dedicated to nurturing a team via engagement, motivation, and activity. The modern business landscape has ‘culture’ at the core of successful companies, highlighting the need to focus on the humans behind the brand visage.

As digital advancements continue to change daily operations, it’s easy to get lost in automations and AI tactics, but the soul of the brand mission cannot be decided without key, considered, human thought. 

Simply put, we must focus upon and value the team members that make a business flourish or flounder. Whilst it seems trivial to point out that supporting a team effectively will lead to better output.

HRD empowers the team members as soon as they’ve been onboarded, in a variety of ways. There are formal, and informal practices that can take place within and outside of the workplace.

Informal opportunities included coaching by senior, or more experienced team members perhaps through mentoring or additional collaboration.  Often we hire individuals based on great education and experience, but practically speaking, every company follows different guidelines and approaches- so even the most talented individual will need time and support to learn how their new company operates.

As a more formal approach, workshops and training sessions can be scheduled, perhaps with a external consultant, facilitator or by key in-house team. Further considerations could include restructuring the organization to better fit the team and methodology, to both empower and optimize working practices.

Careers can dominate a huge proportion of an individual's life, from the classroom through to their retirement, so it’s important to acknowledge their time commitment to their role. Whilst our day has been dedicated to working hours, there has been much more preparation and focused thought towards the common work output of a team member than office hours alone. Thusly, we can also seek to reward and empower entire organizations and departments through external opportunities such as team-building exercise days, or more social occasions to help employees unwind.

Creating inner office activity is important to re : edge, and ensuring our team interact positively with each other, their work, and the environments we work in, is of the utmost priority. Recently, we introduced Mony and HRD to the team, to head up our HRD efforts and provide key support to everyone at the organization.

Mony has a background in mental health and social activism, especially for the LGBTIQ+ community. He is currently studying psychology, with the goal of opening his own therapy / counseling practice in the future. His empathetic nature, pairing with strong academic focus on human behavior, allows him to focus his time and energy into creating strong, positive conditions for team members to thrive collectively. 

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