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Phum Roka

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Bringing together multiple defining concepts to create a Mixed-use Community Development; mixing Traditional and Contemporary Designs to create a Timeless Space

A combination of ‘Nature’, ‘Village’, and ‘People’, Phum Roka is a destination for business, social activities, and leisure, creating more diversity for the local communities of Siem Reap.




Phnom Penh




Design Completion

Project Conception

Our client had various other developments and hotels in Siem Reap, yet this 12.5 hectare land sat dormant. There wasn’t a particular direction or concept in place for how to use this piece of land, but many opportunities awaited. Thus, re : edge was commissioned to help with the master and conceptual planning for this exciting development.

Business Concept

The central idea is to create more destinations for the local communities of Siem Reap. Nearby to their space, is the Angkor Golf course, meaning an opportunity for leverage. Also, with a need to accommodate the local market, they wanted to have the opportunity to sell holiday homes and villas.

Due to the sheer size of the land, the master plan and zoning would divide the space into four clearly defined—and different—zones. These were based on four design concepts:

  1. Residential Zone
  2. Resort Zone
  3. Hotel Zone
  4. Community Mall Zone


The entirety of Phum Roka occupies land in a village on the outskirts of Siem Reap, named the Roka District. This large space totals 12.5 hectares.

Architectural Design Concept

The project’s design master plan was based on the “Phum” concept, meaning “village,” and its purpose is to bring the village nostalgia, drawing inspiration from mid-century and modern Khmer design.

Within the project, there are four zones that are based on the functionality and different needs of each zone. They are interconnected through various shapes and spaces such as Linear, Cluster, Radial and Circular.

Space Design

Each of the zones have different space design concepts:

  • Phum Jour (Linear) → Residential 
  • Phum Chhrunk (Clustered) → Resort
  • Phum Prachum (Radial) → Hotel
  • Phum Moul (Circular) → Community Mall

Roka Palm Residences

Inspired by community living, the Palm Residences creates a sense of open space, yet a sense of closure for all residences. We draw inspiration from modern living, luxury lifestyle, and the need for outdoor spaces in the tropical climate—resulting in a modern villa that speaks the language of Khmer materials. The backyard is where we show the concept of living, a place where family and friends can come together. A deck and pool serve as a connection to the outdoor, highlighting the livability and usability of the space.

Roka Plantation Resort

Inspired by cluster living in a Phum, the resort units are designed in layers mimicking the inside of a Phum or a plantation surrounded by rice fields vegetation farming. Palm trees, coconut trees, and other elements are considered due to its location. Since it is a plantation resort concept, the building takes on the traditional Khmer roof with Maren facilities such as pool, decking, shower, and more.

Roka Urban Hotel

Inspired by the height and the natural views, the hotel takes on the radial shape that would extend its arm as well as encourage the guests towards the views and natural surroundings. The architecture layout is to maximize the natural environment, encouraging natural wind flow into the building and flowing the boundary between outside and inside. The façade language is inspired by the tropical materials and shapes that multiply into a rhythm and pattern, making it modern and sustainable, yet maintaining the language of the local architecture.

Roka Park Community Mall

Inspired by “Phum Moul” concept where “Moul” means circle and is the center of the community were commercial activities happen around it. Nature and people come together to portray vibrant interaction.

Project Highlights

During the early stages of development, we were able to give a lot of our input and thought processes. Our client was very open to suggestions and design concept recommendations, and with that creative freedom, the possibilities are endless.

Exciting Challenges

  • The sheer size of the land proved a challenge, as re : edge has never worked on a project this big before.
  • There are five different concepts to consider with this one, single project, each zone being its own design concept. It had felt like multiple different projects weaving together.
  • Considering the pristine nature and rural space, we stepped away from the context of the typical urban jungle and designed with village in mind, keeping true to the local aesthetic.

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We strive to design timeless and iconic spaces that people live and love in; spaces that will represent our culture and values to the future.