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Courtyard Mall

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On top of being a Community Retail Space, it is also a Green Dot in the city; a little Forest to the busy part of the City

The plot of land is located along the street 2004. It is located between the west side of the city and airport to the city center.

Being a commercial building, it could potentially tap on the traffic from main road. It should create a strong visual presence in the middle of long stretch of road; to be better than similar development around, and to be open and inviting to the people.




Phnom Penh




Design Complete

The development could tap on the openness and casual setting to be a community mall, where people from all walks of life could come and gather. It could also develop a strong presence to be a culinary destination, creating unique setting and ambiance than the rest of the F&B establishment. On top of that, it could be a little green dot in the city, a little forest to the busy metropolis.

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