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Starbucks Maida 2004

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Located along Maida 2004 Road, the area is known for its warehouse and factory neighborhood but the street has quickly transformed into a lively Residential, F&B, Retail Destination with International Schools

As the cornerstone to a larger urban retail village, Starbucks opens its door first and is setting the mood and tone of the overall development in the near future. When fully completed, the retail square is a series of rustic, vibrant and cozy, industrial-inspired urban street alleyways.




Phnom Penh




Construction Complete

The hovering sculptural roof is constructed of steel structures and lightweight cladding, giving node to the memory of the surrounding building fabric of the area. The textured brick wall is not only giving interesting surfaces to the architectural design but it is also twisted and flow in a manner mimicking the rather busy traffic and weaving movement of vehicles on the street in front of the building. In addition to setting the warm tone for the development and giving a human-scale approach, the bricks also define the boundary between humans and vehicles.

The all-steel structure is designed to expose the dark framing and reflect its industrial modernity. The overall façade is designed to vary in forms, voids, and shading frames in order to create interesting depth and shadow that can be seen from the street.

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