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A new identity for Wat Phnom riverside walk, connecting the people to the river, improving the Economy of the Neighborhood, and encouraging a Modern Lifestyle that revitalizes Urban Life and its People

Wat Phnom River Front Village is a container village that consists of an elevated parking structure, lifestyle retail villages, Sisowat Quay Pub Street, open space, historical sculpture, park, boardwalk, elevated viewing deck, riverboat access, bus station and a co-working office. We believe this proposal can create a new identity for Wat Phnom, connecting the people to the river, improving the economy of the neighborhood, and encouraging a modern lifestyle that revitalizes urban life and its people.




Phnom Penh




Design Proposal

Wat Phnom is an urban heritage site located in the center of Phnom Penh adjacent to the Mekong and Tonle Sap River. The river of the city, the civilization and its economy. Being a dot in Phnom Penh's urban landscape, Wat Phnom provides the locals and visitors a much needed and a break from the busy city. However, the neighborhood needs more than Wat Phnom to generate interest and to accommodate the modern growth of its citizens.

re : edge takes the initiative to search for the next urban life that combines heritage, culture, youth, economy and leisure. Thus proposing the design concept for “Wat Phnom Water Front Village “on the riverbank adjacent to Wat Phnom.

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