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Anina Square

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An office tower designed to embrace its current site while encouraging interaction between the Tower and its Adjacent Buildings

Anina Square is a Master Plan that is largely based on the circulation of vehicles as much as the form of the Entrance Plaza. The main entrance is carved out by a green courtyard that opens the tower to its adjacent buildings and inspires interconnection between one another.  




Phnom Penh




Design Completion

Entrance Square with Public Amenities

The office tower is designed with both vertical and horizontal break, which combine both into one design language for the four elevations. We analyze the sun path and adjust the form to the site situation and orientation, resulting in a design that shades the Entrance Plaza with protruding boxes. These boxes flow horizontally and vertically to form an angular and dynamic flow.

The main façade orients to the north and slightly to the east where the sun rises. This strategy is to protect the building from solar heat gain in the early mornings, therefore introducing vertical masonry and horizontal fin as shading devices.

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