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TKS Group is a leading supplier of power tools for the building sector in Cambodia. Established since 1991, the successful family business grows exponentially with the country and seeks the opportunity advance into the corporate environment. Re : Edge Architecture is entrusted into designing and building their headquarter that reflects modernity, creativity, innovation and a new standard of corporate governance for the group. We began by advising and exploring the architecture and interior design together with a new corporate identity and branding.




Phnom Penh






Located on a very busy street, the building has an internal side street that slopes down moderately from the main road. The existing topography leads us to raise the ground floor in order to makes height clearance for the parking, delivery zone and other building services below. The raised mezzanine floor at the back of the land makes clearance for motorbike parking for staffs and access. The multi-level power tools showroom desired visual connection and circulation of the customers that are experiential and grandeur, what a new established branding is aiming for.

In order to blend architecture with branding we initiated the client to bring in the brand designer at the early stage of the design process. By collaborated with our client and with Melon Rouge Agency, we are able to seamlessly connect the new visual identity into the interior design and the exterior façade of the building. Inspired by the abstract symbol of Cambodian culture and art, the minimalistic logo with blue and yellow colors occupied the showroom’ s floor, wall and ceiling as perforated panels, dots, and stripes. As for the exterior façade, the perforated panels stand from floor to floor multiplied itself randomly upward becoming the look of the building. These perforated metal screens are also acting as solar shading devices that break the amount of direct sunlight that enter the interior spaces, thus minimizing the amount of solar heat gain through the building envelop. This environmentally friendly design feature helps reducing the need of using too much electricity and saves the cost of operation.

Theinterplay between sun light and the perforated screen casts an interesting shadow movement on the façade throughout the day making the building full of dept and fitting as a mid-rise tower in the tropical climate.  

Onthe lower levels, both the steps and the accessibility ramp at the exterior lead to the customer’ s experience center which include products gallery, products testing area, discussing zone, customer’ s lounge, reception and manager office. The interior design merged seamlessly with the creative direction of Melon Rouge Agency: modular, playful and dynamic.

On the upper levels, the interior design and space planning are carefully designed to balance between corporate environment and a friendly working culture of a modern-day operation. Beside a typical board rooms and meeting rooms, we managed to carve out more interactive spaces such as: the pantry on each floor, a staff canteen and a library. Both the privacy and the interactive working environment are also planned in the senior executives and board offices by partially break the typical opaque office wall with clear glass partition that maintain certain amount of visual connection between each personal office without interrupting one another during focusing tasks.


TKS Tower is re : edge’ s latest exemplary design work that stands for innovation and thoughtfulness for its context, its client and its users. The effort to blend branding and architecture is a resulted in a sleek modern piece of architecture that stands out on the street amidst the everchanging face of its neighborhood and the city of Phnom Penh.

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