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Oxfam’s slogan and action to build a stronger support for people living in poverty, is a statement and the inspiration that we want to build our interior spaces from spaces that define the global impact of Oxfam in our modern society but within the Locality, Context and Culture of Cambodia.

Inspired by Oxfam, we want to tackle the issues of sustainability, equality, safety, collaboration, productivity, innovation and thinking outside of the box.




Phnom Penh






• Sustainability - we want to source local materials, reclaimed and recycle as emerging Khmer artists.

• Equality and Fair - we want to minimize hierarchy inside the working environment, allowing all voices to be heard, all genders to flourish and letting the spaces that we create to inform the environment of free-thinkers, think-tankers, and be the catalyst for changes in human development.

We shall carefully select materials that are cost effective, easily constructed and readily available and loosed furniture to emphasize comfort such as desk chairs and for flexibility such as meeting room desks and conferences.


• Productivity, Think Outside the Box - We believe human comfort and the feeling of home' inside the workplace can spur productivity and creativity. We want to offer diverse seating arrangements, the warmness and green of the tropical mood, the texture of the Cambodian wood, smiling faces of heroes in poverty and the feeling of co-workers gathering around the pantry that feels like home can strengthen and unit people to be the power for people against poverty.

• Collaboration - we not only want to create spaces for people to come together we want to stage collaboration as the first and for most being the center stage of the Oxfam' s workplace. Inspired by the Oxfam's logo itself, we want to create different dimensions from the logo right in the center and at the entrance of the space to make the important of collaborative thinking and a democratic workplace. A few other design areas are also implemented for informal meetings and sharing spaces around the pantry.

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We strive to design timeless and iconic spaces that people live and love in; spaces that will represent our culture and values to the future.