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Amaya Kampot

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We are inspired by the essence of Time, Mid-century Modern Architecture, Nature and Wellbeing.

Amaya’s aesthetic, and ultimately its purpose, is a result of our direct experience interacting with the region’s communities, vernacular architecture, nature-based activities, and urban, natural and rural landscape.





Conceptual Design

Emerging from nature


The natural environment is what defines our neighborhood, so every decision has been made to incorporate its stunning natural views, and blend with the pristine existing landscape. From the way the light moves through the trees, to the gentle slope of the hill, to the use of local materials, we have made sure that the character of nature that inspired us to build here is infused with the architecture.


We understand the benefits of togetherness as much as we value the need for privacy. That is why we have designed Amaya so that residents can enjoy access to shared structures and facilities, as well as their own private retreats. Carefully-designed residential placements and connected walkways allow for maximum seclusion, whilst generous communal areas encourage spontaneous interaction and social activity.


We believe that the way people interact with a space is more important than simply how it looks. The freedom to move in between the structure and its environment gives context and meaning to the architecture of Amaya, and to the residents themselves. We deeply consider light, shade, form and function not only to create great spaces, but to influence people’s moods for the better.


The local architecture already embraces the unique features of the area, so we have adopted the best ideas from what we have seen and experienced in Kampot. From the pavilion style arrangement, to the elevated platforms, the use of stilts and natural ventilation systems, traditional Khmer architecture is respectfully featured, along with the best of the mid-century local design and modern wisdom.

Community Living

Panoramic views of the region

Master plan

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We strive to design timeless and iconic spaces that people live and love in; spaces that will represent our culture and values to the future.