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Saneeda Residence

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Saneeda Residence is an Interior Design Project that has undergone a total interior renovation aiming to connect Indoor Living with Outdoor Living

This tropical home sits inside a golf course 30 minutes away from Phnom Penh city center, re: edge’ s principal architect designed a calm sanctuary for a multi-generational home for his family, art and nature to thrive together.




Phnom Penh




Construction Complete

Architect Hun Chansan designed the living spaces of a two-story house, a tropical escape immersed in lushed vegetation, contemporary art and with modern functions. “I bought the house as an empty shell many years ago, broke down many walls and added modern facilities such as a large kitchen island, dry kitchen, outdoor dining, home office and swimming pool for my family and a mother-in-law to live in.” says Chansan.

The outdoor spatial design included green wall, at home spice garden, front porch, outdoor dining, home office, a swimming pool and a wet kitchen.

The outdoor and indoor spaces are designed to open and connected from the front porch all the way to the backyard and the view of the golf course. Sliding doors, focal points, sunlight and natural ventilation direct the movement from the front all the way to the back and every single space is fluidly connected and has a focal point moment.

Floor Plan | Ground Floor
Floor Plan | First Floor

The interior reconfiguration resulted in a formal living room, a family living room, a dry kitchen with a huge kitchen island, double height volume dining space and a contemporary Khmer railing ornament design on the ground floor, while the first floor is a multi-purpose family space and bedrooms.

Beside lushed vegetation, contemporary arts can be seen in a form of rich texture on walls and carpet, mobile sculpture hanging from the ceiling, bespoke cabinetry, flexible sectional sofa, a giant take on a traditional Cambodian bangle, hanging plants and giant indoor rubber tree, railing details, gadgets and wall paintings.

“Art and architecture have always been at the core of my upbringing.” Says Chansan. He grew up in his parents’ photography studio called Selapak which means Art in English. The photo studio was propped in Khmer relief sculpture on the entrance and with painting of Cambodian stone temples and scenery of countryside. Chansan also grew up near Central Market, a beaux art dome structure designed and built during the French colonization period.

The exposure to photography, art, architecture and culture at such a young age prompts him to pay homage to his history.

Creating a green garden on the floor of the building not only provides aesthetics to the residents but also to allow them to connect with nature. The program requirements are laid out in a way that the large ground floor open living room with dry kitchen is connected to the backyard and pool of their parents’ home at the back. This is to take the advantage of the shared backyard.

“Togetherness is so important in my family, I created a variety of spaces for intimate movie in the living room and flexible dining areas at the kitchen island, at indoor dining and at a panorama outdoor dining with view of the infinity pool and the golf course.” Says Chansan. “In this multi-generational family home, I wanted to be thoughtful from the eldest person in the family to the youngest and prioritize on the flow of functional need of a large family who always come in and out on regular basis.” Chansan continues.

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