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Despite being an industrial complex, each functional compound was designed and built in modern structure but with Traditional, yet Minimalistic Khmer Inspiration

Winning Dragon Leather Ware, also known as WDLW, are a series of buildings designed to sustain a more ergonomic and relaxed environment apart from the conventional factory.




Phnom Penh




Construction Complete

Project Concept

The master plan of these three buildings is designed in relation to the existing pond, which plays an important role in the Chinese Feng Shui requirement. The main concept design of WDLW is sustainability, and we implement this by carefully understanding the solar orientation and wind movement across the site. Each building is equipped with shading devices, internal courtyards, abundance of green spaces, cross-ventilation systems as well as solar paneling for hot water heaters.

The notable rooftops inspired by traditional Khmer architecture hover above and extend beyond the walls of the buildings. They also act as walkway canopies and weather protection.

Apart from the building designs, the landscape and water features create an atmosphere distinct from the normal factory building. These features create relaxation areas such as outdoor seating, public gathering and sports yard.

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We strive to design timeless and iconic spaces that people live and love in; spaces that will represent our culture and values to the future.