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Meanchey Modern

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Reflecting the story of the neighborhood ; its colors, texture and roughness - to be a Modern Green Structure for the Community

Meanchey Modern is transforming urban housing by focusing on building aspiring places for people to live, learn and love in. Within 10 minutes to urban center, Meanchey Modern consists of two types of housing: 9 typical row houses and a 11-story affordable condominium tower.




Phnom Penh




Under Construction

Architectural Design Conception

Using a Row House Concept, we designed a structure that takes advantage of natural cooling and natural light from the tropical environment. All interior spaces have internal light core with built-in planter boxes and courtyard windows that allow looking out to views and encourage cross ventilation when open.

Meanchey Baitong

Affordable condominium concept that is designed as a green tower for the neighbors with its internal corridors being equally nature-centric. Its corridors are not simply just a passageway, they serve as the front of the house and have a unique entrance space with semi-private foyer, also keeping in mind natural daylight and passive ventilation.

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We strive to design timeless and iconic spaces that people live and love in; spaces that will represent our culture and values to the future.