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Rose Apple Square

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Designing a Contemporary Mixed-Use Space in The Ancient City of Angkor Wat

Located 20 Minutes from the 12th century Temples of Angkor Wat, Rose Apple Square gets its name from being located on the Rose Apple Street, with the vision to create a thriving community where people live, work and dream to shape their future.




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Construction Complete

Project Conceptualization

"It will be a melting pot of local and international city enthusiasts who are passionate about quality urban living and believe that the mixture of people and ideas creates wealth in a city. Hence, the Rose Apple Square will be our platform for human capital, building our future." - says Urban Living Solutions.

Project Requirements

  1. Residential Condominium
  2. Sastra Office
  3. Co-Living Space
  4. The Forum Co-Working Space

Design Brief

The master plan of the Rose Apple Square answers many challenges relating to the four main functional requirements of the brief: Residential condominium, Strata Office, Co-living and The Forum Co-Working Space. The diversity of people who will come to use the square and call it a home will require meaningful design, proper planning and functional circulation.

Our master plan design is inclusive, sustainable and respecting the construction height of just 21-meter from the ground level.

Together with our client we developed the Rose Apple Square in the spirit of improving tourist and economic development, maintaining the quality of the environment, assuring balance between urban and rural areas and enhancing the value of both natural and cultural resources.

The Sunken Courtyard

“To go higher, go lower.”

While there was a height restriction, there was no restriction on digging. To maximize space, we decided to manipulate topography to create layers of semi-private and private spaces and manage traffic circulation between the Residences, the Forum, the Commune and the strata Office. The parking is underground, the forum is at the bottom, and the pool is at the top while the lobbies are in the middle ensuring access points for public and private spaces for convenience and secure.

The Spine

The street in the very middle of the development, passing through the central courtyard is the common area.  It steps up and down breaking into a series of shaded courtyards which act as multi-purpose spaces comfortable for both hangouts and performance. The courtyard stepped in levels helps separating the more festive activities toward the retail and co-working zones with the more relaxed and well-being activities such as yoga and swimming at the residential and co-living zones.

Inclusivity and Sustainability

The two towers are oriented North-South direction to minimize wall areas that will be exposed to sunrise and sunset. This massing layout reduces the solar heat gain into living spaces, allowing only indirect natural light into interior spaces without the full effect of the tropical heat.

Balance between Community and Privacy

All the residential units are articulated with cornered balcony to give a sense of individualism within the whole community, whilst the two wings of the structure are distanced of minimum 20 meters between the two opposite balconies to ensure that residents enjoy privacy while living in a vibrant community.

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